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MassArt Graduate Student Film/Video Screening
Massachusetts College of Art. 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

Tuesday 12:30 pm. Screening Room #2.

Spring 2005
April 5th Works by Current Graduate Students
November 18th Portraits / self portraits

Fall 2004
October 14th Works by MassArt MFA Alumni and Faculty
December 2nd Works by MassArt Graduate Students

spring 2004
February 6th Dir. Santiago Herrera. Documentary.Colombia.2000.
March 19th Visiting Artist. Dana Moser.
April 2nd MassArt Graduate Student Works.
May 7th Dean Snyder films.

art official

Films by MassArt Faculty and MFA Alumni
October 14th
Works by
Andy Zimmerman
Christy Georg
Michael Mittelman
Flip Johnson
Gretchen Skogerson
Denise Marika
Nita Sturiale
Antony Flackett
Liz Nofziger
Vaughn Bell
and more…




spring 2004
February 6th Between Mountains. Dir. Santiago Herrera. Documentary.Colombia.2000.

Between Mountains
Inspired by the poetic work of Jose Manuel Arango

Nothing in them is soft
These are truly not,
The forms of a wide and a kind land
Below, secretive, life shall effervesce
A cock would have sung in the suburbs
Men started to return from their dreams

A peal of thunder in the morning /suddenly
And then the razor like silence of sleep

Then suddenly, the rootless desire of remaining in this day for ever
As time advances through the clocks of time furtively/
With its insect legs
Through streets with names of battles I go solitary and vain

Yes, something is intent on the noise in the streets
Something playful and joyous
Afternoons like waves of fire over the tile roofs
A vulture flies following the line of the river

In the noise of the fruit vendors
Forgotten Gods speak
Basically the peaceful occupations of a moment before it passes

Another view of the city from behind a dream
And/ suddenly/without warning, the rain
Thick droplets begin
To roll over the dust

It rains,/ over an eyelid it rains
It rains in the bones
In the birds’ silence

Those mountains/ which are thinning
Which enter into our depths
It’s the edge of broken glass
And at the bottom of the glass lies the city
Self absorbed/hard

Meanwhile underground/ the pine tree’s roots grow
And the tranquil dead meander through the stars

The shadow begins to descend on the city
Rolling over the tiles, falls onto the streets
I speak of the city I love
The city I abhor
The soft decline of the street which leads
Unsuspected decline of life

Thus we carry within our hearts the weight of these hills
Which now fall over the city
Fashioned of darkness
Disintegrating in darkness

Massachusetts College of Art. 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 Screening Room #1. 5:00 pm.


Friday November 18th, 2005 12:30 pm

Screening Room #2. Film Department. MassArt.

Including Works by

Hernan Arango
Lana Z. Caplan

Natalie Collins
Rashin Fahandej
Matthew Lane
Saul Levine
Denise Marika
Melissa McDowell
Vivian Pratt
Harry Pray IV
Sandra Powers
Adriana Rios
Liz Rodda

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