2004 – Unsettled Domesticities – MassArt – Boston, EEUU


Unsettled domesticities
Curated by Adriana Rios, 2004
Doran Graduate Gallery.
Massachusetts College of Art

Since many aspects of domesticity are often considered in a traditional way, from family issues, patriarchy, housewives, green painted walls, etc. there are many other aspects that remain ambiguous, unsettled.
In a society where people leave home to go to college and only return to a similar scheme after several years of marriage if so, young people then are spending a big part of their lives in a transitive state. Debating between loneliness and block parties, between watching porn, action movies or cartoons alone or spying on the neighbor, between picking up old furniture from the streets to not having anything but a small mattress on the floor.
At the same time while experiencing all these transformations some people rethink, revalue, reconsider and even appreciate or totally hate the old schemes.
UNSETTLED DOMESTICITIES also refers to the fact that few people in our graduate program are dealing with domestic issues especifically, but many of us touch them tangentially without even knowing it.

Works by
Ri Anderson
Lana Caplan
Christine Collins
Chela Fielding
Robert Knight
Matthew Lane
Surendra Lawoti
Scott McMahon
Adriana Rios
Michael Sheridan







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